Can't is not in my Vocabulary
by Bert ten Broeke

Born in 1924 in a Dutch border town with Germany, the son of the local butcher, Bert ten Broeke experienced the invading German army at the age of 15.  He was subsequently sent to an Arbeidsdienst or work service camp in Oosterwolde, followed by deportation to forced labour in Germany.  However, this was not the unhappy experience that could have been expected. But personal circumstances made him escape in January 1945 and with his quick-wittedness, he successfully made his way back to Holland to experience another invading army, this time the liberating Allies..

After the war his physical fitness led him to develop his athletic prowess, winning medals, but Holland's then improverished circumstances caused him to emigrate in 1950 to New Zealand. He arrived without knowing the language, and work and social life in NZ were rather different too. His detailed butchery knowledge and skill became very useful, particularly as continental smallgoods (delicatessen meats) were unknown in his new country.  Increasing numbers of Dutch immigrants led him to pioneer their introduction in his own butcher shops under the brandname Brook's Smallgoods, and later extensively with a purpose built factory in Porirua. 

This autobiography of a highly motivated man is fascinating reading.  90,000 words, 20 pages of illustrations the majority in colour.

ISBN 9781877443039   194 pages in 240 x 170 mm format.  Softcover. RRP $NZ 35