Wellington Transport Memories

With a fascinating collection of superb photos (most previously unpublished) of the trains, trams, buses, trucks, ships and aircraft of yesteryear in action, the author takes the reader on an historic journey around the greater Wellington area from the 1900s to the 1980s. This book appeals to all followers of vintage transport everywhere.

The photos of historic street scenes, as well as the classic trams, buses, cars and trucks also show many historic Wellington cityscapes. Trains, buses and aircraft are shown in action as far as the Kapiti Coast and the Wairarapa. The historic photos with extended captions evoke memories for those who lived in the region in this time period and present a clear picture of the transport options available for everybody. Containing 107 historic photos --66 of them in colour and the rest printed duotone--this book portrays the good old days when travel was an adventure, not a chore, and the vessels, vehicles and aircraft had character.

65 pages in 286 x 210 mm format containing 107 historic photos. Stiff card cover printed with a metallic ink background.

RRP $NZ 35
ISBN 978-1877418-08-2
300 grams

'Delightful' - New Zealand Railway Observer

'Beautifully presented ... a satisfying read from cover to cover '- New Zealand Memories

'A charming book' - Jarnvagar (Sweden)

'Interesting and enjoyable' - Tramway Topics