On the TranzCoastal Route
Christchurch - Picton - Wellington
by Geoffrey Churchman

In the same format as the extremely successful book On the TransAlpine Trail, this provides a reference guide for those travelling on the Christchurch-Picton train, the "TranzCoastal", to the towns, settlements and geographical features to be seen from the train over the 350 km journey.

Arranged in geographical order from Christchurch are notes on the history of each settlement passed through, anecdotes and points of interest.  These consist of general information for all travellers and specific details of interest to railway enthusiasts.

As well as the railway, a further chapter contains details on features of interest to be seen from the Cook Strait ferry route between Picton and Wellington.

52 pages in A5 format, 11,000 words, 36 colour photos - most previously unseen aerial views of the line - plus two in monochrome, and a map.

ISBN 1-877418-00-5
132 grams
RRP $12.95

The TranzCoastal crosses the Kowhai River, south of Kaikoura.  (This photo was considered for, but not used in the book.)