Romancing the Frogs: A guide to love and happiness

Author: Talia Mana
Format: 210 x 148 mm, softcovered
ISBN 0-473-05816-2
Pages: 144
RRP $19.95

If you're single and have been for a while or have just suddenly found yourself that way - and are finding it hard to meet people in today's society - then this book contains plenty of helpful information and advice that will improve your chances of finding that special person in your life.
The author, speaking from her own experiences as a "thirty something" single, here provides, among other things -
* special separate dating tips for both men and women
* how to put together a shopping list for your ideal mate
* ways to meet new people
* how to avoid seeming desparate
* how to part company when you need to
* and how to get the ultimate revenge on your ex (without resorting to              Molotov Cocktails)!
Witty and entertaining, this self-help guide contains almost everything the single person needs to know to find happiness.
Talia Mana
"This is described as an essential guide for the single person.  Having been a committed one until recently, I thought I should cast an experienced eye over the advice offered. And I must admit it's pretty damn good, certainly a million times more realistic than those dreadful Men are from Mars self-help books.  'Why should a man who decides to ask you out get priority over your girlfiends?' asks Talia. Why indeed? 'Don't settle for crumbs.' 'People respect us in direct proportion to how much we respect ourselves.' Excellent! A no-nonsense, common sense and practical book that concentrates on improving the individual single as well as her chances of finding love and happiness." - Kerre Woodham, She magazine