Nets, Lines and Pots: A History of New Zealand Fishing Vessels: Volume One
(Reprinted in November 2005)

Author: Emmanuel Makarios
Format: 260 x 190 mm portrait, softcovered
ISBN 0-908876-98-X
Pages: 112

More than just the vessels, this book and the sequels tell the stories of hardy individuals who, in the face of often adverse weather and economic conditions, have sought to earn a living from the sea. 
The author, exhibitions officer at the Wellington Maritime Museum from 1986 to 2000, set out to give these individuals their much deserved place in the nation's heritage.  This first volume, among other episodes, recounts the early fishermen of Island Bay, blue cod and cray fishing in the Chatham Islands, fishing vessels at war, and the story of Ivan Tally, the founder of Tally's Fisheries.  The text is complemented by over 100 photographs.
Nets, Lines and Pots: A history of New Zealand Fishing Vessels: Volume Two

Author: Emmanuel Makarios
Format: 260 x 190 mm portrait, softcovered
ISBN 0-908876-01-7
Pages: 120
Weight: 445 grams
Price: $29.95

The second volume, among other subjects, includes: the founder of Auckland's fishing industry, Albert Sanford; the pioneering fishermen of Napier; fishing at Makara Beach (Wellington); deep sea research in the 1960s; oyster fishing at Bluff; and accounts of notable vessels such as the Baroona, the Thomas Bryan, the Duco, the Hautapu and the Manuka.

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Nets, Lines and Pots: A history of New Zealand fishing vessels: Volume Three

Author: Emmanuel Makarios
Format: 260 x 190 mm, softcovered
ISBN 0-908876-03-3
Pages: 112
Weight: 368 grams
Price: $29.95

The third and final volume in this triology contains, among other subjects: the mussels industry in Marlborough; Pam Williams of Wanganui Trawlers Ltd; paua diving off the Marlborough coast; marine engineer Edwin Kaminski; plus a complete index to all three volumes. 
The many illustrations include 15 photographs in colour.
Press reviews say :-

"Triptych means a set of three artistic works and Emmanuel Makarios has created just that with his third and final volume covering the history of the New Zealand fishing industry and fishing vessels.
"It is truly an art work with superb black and white and coloured photographs on nearly every page."
Makarios has gone beyond just collecting photos of various types of boats and depicting fishing methods. He has dug much deeper than that .....I couldn't put this book down.  Every page was interesting.  What a gift for the fishing family - recreational, armchair or still at sea."
- Val Bell, Nelson Evening Mail