The New Zealand Morris Minor Story
by Reiner Schoenbrunn

160 pages in 286 x 210 mm format, hardcover with jacket.
ISBN 0-908876-11-4
Weight: 951 grams
RRP in New Zealand $59.95

Many New Zealanders have a story to tell about the Morris Minor; either they used to own one themselves, or learnt to drive in one, or their uncle or aunty used to drive one on gravel roads all the way from .!  Whatever their story might be, most people love talking about the Morris Minor which today still enjoys much nostalgic popularity in New Zealand as in its country of origin.
The New Zealand Morris Minor Story is a tribute to this wonderful little car, which helped to shape social history, and to those people who had a lifetime involvement with Morris vehicles here in New Zealand, be it as pioneer manufacturers, their engineers, assemblers, sales people or as loving private owners (then and today).
Beginning in 1919 with the formation of The Dominion Motors by Sir Charles Norwood the book traces the development of the motorcar assembly industry in New Zealand, with focus on The Dominion Motors Ltd, and not only Morris Minors but other members of the Morris vehicle range are covered.
The author, Reiner Schoenbrunn, spent four years researching, painstakingly piecing together the story by interviewing, correspondence and collecting  data. The result is a comprehensive documentation of a major part of New Zealand's motoring history, richly illustrated with 278 photographs and original advertisements, 32 of them in colour and mostly previously unpublished.
The New Zealand Morris Minor Story should have its place on every car enthusiast's bookshelf!

Review in Classic Car magazine, July 2002 issue:

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"This is no dull history lesson; the text hums along like a well-tuned Morrie; there are interviews with the old hands who used to assemble them, as well as stories about dedicated owners and there are heaps of super photographs. This book's a winner."
- Jim McLees, Wanganui Herald

"...a very useful and beautiful book. All car enthusiasts will enjoy reading and remembering the days when those old time cars were on New Zealand roads". 
- John Rawle, Southland Times


The New Zealand Morris Minor Story
Reiner Schoenbrunn
transpress New Zealand
ISBN 0-908876-11-4

Reiner Schoenbrunn has been resident in New Zealand since 1984 and compiling this book I am sure has been a labour of Love for the founder member of the Wellington Morris Minor Club.

The Publication is not only a tribute to the Morris Minor that was produced in that part of the World, but also an insight into the history of Dominion Motors from its formation in 1919, which produced many other vehicles, not only the Minor. This book differs, in as much it gives the reader an insight into what life was really like working in the factories (there was more than one!) through the eyes of the people that worked there, some of which are amusing stories. It also extends beyond history with in-depth studies into current day collectors and enthusiasts in New Zealand.

The book is lavishly illustrated with archive photographs of the various productions lines in full operation, some wonderful current colour photographs as well as many advertising brochures of that era. Another touch that I enjoy, are the 'Then & Now' photographs.

It also extends beyond history with in-depth studies into current day collectors and enthusiasts in New Zealand.

This a marvellous book and well worth buying; it should be the top of every Minor enthusiast's Christmas list, so with that in mind it may be time to start dropping hints for the Yuletide gift by leaving this page open for all to see! The book is currently available via Minor Monthly priced at £24.00 post free

-Russell Harvey