John Gully, Painter
by Fred McLean

A5 portrait
192 pages including 8 pages of colour illustrations
ISBN 0-908876-21-1
Weight: 303 grams
Price: $24.95

A biography of the famous 19th century landscape artist John Gully.  The result of 25 years' research, this fascinating history traces Gully's life from his birth in Bath, England, in 1819, his migration to New Zealand in the early 1850s, his settlement in the outskirts of New Plymouth, his forced shift from there as a result of the land wars to Nelson and the development of his art career from then to his death in 1888. 
A considerable amount of social history of 19th century England and the contrast with settler life in New Zealand is provided as well as the development of the New Zealand art tradition.
Illustrated with period art, photos and a selection of Gully's artworks.

This book was released on 3 April 2001, just 7 weeks before Fred McLean's death from cancer.

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