Timeline -

1985 (November): Industrial Publishing Ltd (IPL) established as a book and video retailer, specialising in transport and technology subjects.  Original directors were Arthur Allen and Geoff Churchman.

1988 (January): The first book published - The Midland Line: New Zealand's Trans-Alpine Railway, subsequently produced in 5 editions including one in German.

1989 The first video title published.

1989 First poster published.

1993  Company name change to Image Publications Ltd

1995 First postcards published.

1997 (October) transpress established as a book distributor.

2000 (May) This website launched.

2000 (December)  IPL Publishing activities absorbed into transpress, the last title published under the IPL imprint - ANZAC Elite

2001 First book published under the transpress imprint - The Railways of New Zealand: A journey through history

2006 The first DVD title published

From left : Peter Ho of Kings Time (Hong Kong), our first book printer, Arthur Allen, Geoffrey Churchman. Photo taken on 26 February 1988.
Directors Eva and Geoff Churchman in Hong Kong, 27 July 2007.