Railway Electrification in Australia and New Zealand
Author: Geoffrey Churchman
Format: 286 x 210 mm portrait, softcovered
ISBN 0-908876-79-3 (New Zealand edition - NOW SOLD OUT)
ISBN 0-646-06893-8 (Australian edition)
Pages: 160
RRP: $NZ 45

This book examines the development of electric traction from overhead catenerary on Australian and New Zealand railways from the 1910s to the 1990s.  It describes the basics of electric traction, examines the routes that have been selected for electrification, the reasons behind the decisions, and looks at the locomotives and multiple units that have been developed for use over these routes.  Over 100 photos in full colour, 47 in black and white, plus several maps and scale drawings make this an essential reference work for anyone interested in Australian and New Zealand railways and their motive power.

"Hugely impressive" - New Zealand Herald