Recent Deletions
The Kingston Flyer Line: a history
A new edition is unlikely until the future of the train is definite.

Nets Lines and Pots - volumes two and three
No reprints planned

On the TranzCoastal Route
The train is now called the Coastal Pacific, however, a new book is unlikely.

The Era of the Bush Tram in New Zealand
No plan for a reprint

South Island Main Trunk
No plans for another edition.

The Railways of New Zealand: a journey through history
No plans for a new edition

50 Years of Volkswagens in New Zealand by Philip Coyle
The only copies left are held by Pacific Island Books, USA

No plans for a futher printing.

Prices of Thames
No plans for a further printing.

Top Walking Tracks of the Wellington Region
No plans for a new edition

New Zealand Railway Memories: Compiled from the J.D. Mahoney Collection
No reprint planned.

Traincatcher: Adventures of a Rail Traveller
The only copies left are held by Pacific Island Books in the USA

Chariots for Fire: A Pictorial History of the New Zealand Fire Engine
The only copies available are held by Pacific Island Books. A new edition is contemplated in the medium term.

The Midland Line: New Zealand's transalpine railway
After being in print for 16 years we decided to consign it to history - no reprint planned.

New Zealand Railway and Tramway Atlas
We have received no intention from the publisher about a new edition

Nga Waka Maori : Maori Canoes
Second edition sold out, a new edition is unlikely.

Shift Your But by Ann Andrews
Please order this from Nationwide Book Distributors, Oxford NZ

Finding the Square Root of a Banana by Ann Andrews