Published to celebrate 100 years of powered flight -
On 17 December 1903, Wilbur and Orville Wright made the first sustained, controlled flights in a powered aircraft.  So began a transport mode that steadily became fundamentally important to the people of the world.

A century after the Wright brothers' first pioneering initiatives, this book, for the first time, provides a complete record of all the aircraft that have been used by New Zealand's national carrier Air New Zealand, its predecessors - Tasman Empire Airways Limited (TEAL) and New Zealand National Airways Corporation (NAC) - and its subsidiaries and affiliates - Mount Cook Airline, Freedom Air, Air Nelson, Eagle Airways and Straits Air Freight Express (SAFE Air). The range of aircraft so covered is enormous - from basic early de Havillands through flying boats and DC3s to the latest jets from Boeing and Airbus.

But not only is the book concerned with aircraft, it also features early interior scenes, advertisements and memorabilia that will evoke nostalgia among all those who have travelled by air within New Zealand and to its neighbours since 1940.

Lavishly illustrated with over 300 beautiful photographs from both official archives and aviation enthusiasts,some two thirds of which are in full colour, this book provides all the details to make it the definitive look-up reference work, including all registrations and construction numbers of the aircraft and their origin and disposal details.  And every livery that the airlines have used is represented.

Everyone interested in the history of aviation should have this book on their shelves

Hardcovered with jacket, A4 portrait format, 236 pages.
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ISBN 0-908876-24-6
Review in Pacific Wings, December 2003/January 2004 issue
"A must for anyone interested in the history of the aircraft of New Zealand's national carrier which has spanned over 60 years. The book celebrates the airline's aircraft from the humble beginnings with TEAL's S.30 Empire Class Flying Boats to the newly arrived fleet of Airbus A320s.
Commercial aviation has always been the author's passion who today is a purser on Air New Zealand's short haul operations and began after a flight on a de Havilland DH89 Dominie from Whenuapai Airport to Rotorua's Fenton Street Racecourse back in January 1955.
The book is very accurate and covers every aircraft's arrival, serial number and New Zealand registration, period of operation, departure and current location (if it still exists). The book includes the aircraft of TEAL, NAC, Air New Zealand, Mount Cook Airlines, Freedom Air, Air Nelson, Eagle Airways and SAFE Air.
Every aircraft in the book is accompanied by several original photographs, collected from many different photographers, and includes a brief of their operation.
The book begins by tracing the history of Air New Zealand back to 25 April 19540, when TEAL was registered as a company in Wellington, 20% owned by the NZ Government, 19% by Union Airways, 2% by Qantas and 38% by BOAC.  Operations commenced on 30 April 1940 with ZK-AMA, a Short S.30 Empire class Flying Boat, flying a service from Auckland to Sydney.  Early sections of the book are well illustrated with high quality photographs, original tickets and timetables as well as other miscellaneous information.
The story of Mt Cook Airlines is one of the more interesting stories as the history involves many small aircraft, including topdressers, helicopters, the long-time backbone of the airline, the Hawker Siddeley 748, and the short-lived British Aerospace BAe 146-300 operation.  Another interesting piece of history is that of Air Nelson, which started in private hands before the remaining shareholding was eventually sold to Air New Zealand in late 1995, much the same as Eagle Airways.  It is great to see the progression of colour schemes and aircraft types operated by these two companies over the years.
Straits Air Freight Express or Safe Air as it is now known, is also an engrossing section of the book.  Founded in 1950 to offer an air-rail link across the Cook Strait for New Zealand Railways, the early days saw leased aircraft operated by the company before Safe Air's first two Bristol Freighter aircraft arrived at Woodbourne on 19 May 1951, with commercial flights commencing on 31 May 1951.
The Aircraft of Air New Zealand and Affiliates since 1940 will be of great interest to many and in several ways embodies the spirit and hard work of New Zealanders who have had the courage to operate commercial aircraft.
This book is a must."
"...a fantastic book. It is the best I've seen on NZ aviation and in fact is a masterpiece"
- Brian Lockstone (aviation author)

Review in "The Marlborough Express" 9 March 2004: