Horizons – The Royal Air Force in the Twenty-First Century by Geoffrey Lee
Geoffrey Lee is one of the world’s best-known and most talented air-to-air cameramen and his photographs regularly appear on the front covers of all the leading international defence and aerospace magazines.  He has spent to date 25 years in the business, and in this book he brings together a selection of amazing images that capture the aircraft of the Royal Air Force as the pilots hone their extraordinary skills in the skies.
This luxurious, all-colour volume is the result of the author’s 400-plus hours aloft in fast jets and is a tribute not only to his superlative camera work but also to the dedication and abilities of the men of the RAF and the breathtaking technological achievements that their aircraft represent.
160 pages in 270 x 250 mm format, approximately 200 colour photographs,  casebound with jacket. $90
Lightning Squadrons of the Royal Air Force by Richard L. Ward
Dick Ward is well-known to aviation enthusiasts and virtually a household name in the world of model making, and in the publishing field his Hunter Squadrons and Phantom Squadrons books were widely praised for their comprehensive and authoritative content.  In this new, full-colour book he details the squadrons, colour schemes and markings of the immortal Lightning interceptor.
For years this famous aircraft served in a sparkling natural metal finish, before, towards the end of its career, various paint schemes were applied in order to tone down its visibility.  The lightning was one of the most flamboyant aircraft of the post-war period, and the full range of décor is on display in this handsome volume.  80 pages, approx. 200 photographs, 210 x 297 mm, softcover. $45
Phantom Leader by Michael J. Doust
Foreword by Admiral of the Fleet Sir Michael Pollock
This informative and entertaining book provides a rare insight into the life of a naval flying officer, and one who has flown virtually every type of Fleet Air Arm aircraft to have seen service since the war.  The lively text, packed full of anecdotes ranging from the hilarious to the poignant, shows how natural giftedness, hard work and dedication, and a positive and engaging outlook, are the vital ingredients in the top echelons of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. 480 pages, approximately 90 illustrations, 156 x 234 mm, casebound with dust jacket. $69
First introduced in 1983, AEROGUIDES rapidly became established as a unique source of information and visual reference material for the aviation enthusiast, aircraft model maker and general-interest reader. Over 30 titles in the series have now been published, each featuring one of the world’s outstanding aircraft and packed with data, accurate drawings and unique, never-before-seen photographs, supplemented by stunning, specially commissioned full-colour artwork.
The three latest titles in the series

Aeroguide 30: BUCCANEER
Mainstay of the Fleet Air Arm and Royal Air Force strike squadrons throughout the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. $45

Aeroguide 31: JAGUAR
The Anglo-French strike fighter that has served the Royal Air Force in exemplary fashion for the last quarter-century. $45

Aeroguide 32: SEA HARRIER
The famous Royal Navy ‘jump-jet’ that revolutionised carrier operations and shaped the course of the 1982 Falklands War. $45